Monday, May 29, 2006


Despite misleading media reports, including one in The Times recently, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) are remaining in Iraq for the time being - though they are operating outside Baghdad, and only with full-term workers, not short-term (ten day) volunteers like Norman Kember. The full details are here. There are two CPTers inside the country at the moment, though their location cannot be disclosed for security reasons. CPT has worked to expose prisoner abuse, to bring Sunni and Shia factions together, to promote human rights, to highlight alternatives to war and occupation, and to help establish a Muslim Peacemaker Team. The group have also responded sympathetically and factually to a recent criticism on Premier Radio from Dr Kember, concerning the visit to the Sunni mosque which led to the capture of four CPTers in November 2005. He has been very traumatised by his experience. CPT supporters in the UK are meeting in Bradford next weekend. More on that later.

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