Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[10.24 GMT] US Christians oppose violent fundamentalist video game (Ekklesia).
"[R]ather than seeking to close the gap between neighbours, as Jesus did in his ministry, the game's purpose is to drive a wedge between people, teaching teenagers that what God intends is for them to slaughter those who do not share their beliefs. Because of the predominance of Christian fundamentalists on television and radio in the past generation, the American people have been left with the false impression that this strange way of interpreting the Bible is what Christians have always believed and taught. We are here today to challenge that view and to name it for the error that it is.” On a related issue, see this by Jonathan Bartley - What are the chances of a holy war? Nov 4, 2006, and a very helpful piece on 'hard line' responses to violent Islamism by Robert P. Baird from Chicago.

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