Thursday, December 14, 2006


Middle England stirred minimally today, as that quintessentially medium-blend radio soap opera, The Archers, saw its longest-running gay love affair joyously confirmed in a civil partnership - which also managed to dent the walls of suburban prejudice, and cleverly culminate in a heterosexual marriage proposal at the after-ceremony reception. So much for lesbian and gay partnerships threatening the age old institution of matrimony. Anyway, Ekklesia got in on the act (Christians welcome civil partnership in Ambridge) courtesy of a tip-off from Pink News. The story was also covered in different ways by The Stage (A very Ambridge wedding) and The Guardian (A walk on the wild side). There's a lurking irony in me being quoted wishing the happy couple all the best, which is that I have a long-term aversion to The Archers. I am known to grumble loudly when it comes on, usually because I have just turned BBC Radio 4 on in the hope of some news, some comedy, some dramatic relief, or a depressing documentary about the exploitation of yak farmers in Mongolia. Still, Ambridge came up trumps this evening. And I know quite a few clergy listeners who would be more than willing to bless the newly-hitcheds. I just hope someone remembers to send Christian Voice's Stephen Green some tablets for his queazy stomach. He has been described as suffering from homophobia, but the pedants among us are apt to point out that it is actually more properly labelled heterophobia - fear of 'the other'. [Picture: Andy and Ian get hitched, courtesy of the Beeb]

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