Monday, February 19, 2007


'Why Christianity is not homophobic' {MP3} - a popular talk focussing on some of the biblical material from Giles Fraser (vicar of Putney, lecturer in philosophy at Wadham College Oxford, founder of InclusiveChurch, Ekklesia associate) and another on 'Christians, equality and public provision' {MP3} by Malcolm Duncan (evangelical pastor, leader of the Faithworks movement) at this weekend's London conference on Faith, human rights and homophobia. This brought together Christians, trade unionists and NGO workers, humanists and non-believers, and a number of people from other faith traditions. Particularly moving was the talk by Ali Hilli, from the underground LGBT network in Iraq, where sexual minorities are being targetted for assassination. Thanks to LGCM for these links. The final statement from the conference is here.

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