Monday, May 14, 2007


People are more and more wary of 'religious charities' these days, fearing that good-will can easily become a cover for proselytism or self-interest. No doubt collectors for Christian Aid Week 2007 will face this kind of suspicion in some quarters - but Christian Aid is one church-backed organisation that unequivocally works with those of all creeds and none, builds alliances for social justice, and supports some of the world's most effective NGOs in combatting poverty and inequality on the ground in five continents. It is also a leading campaigning organisation on debt, aid, trade, corporate accountability and global warming. I've seen its work first-hand and have no hesitation in commending it. This week Ekklesia will be specially highlighting the work of CA. You can donate online via this link. This year's Christian Aid education materials feature inspiring stories of how poor communities in El Salvador, Senegal and Afghanistan are growing a future in spite of seemingly impossible odds. With a bit more help they can make an even bigger impact.

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