Saturday, July 21, 2007


This from an interesting sermon on the Good Samaritan by Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. About whom many people only know that he is gay, it seems. Hopefully Rowan Williams knows a bit more now. But he still won't invite him to the Lambeth Conference 2008.

A little while ago, in the only time that the Archbishop of Canterbury ever deigned to see me, we were having a little "chat", and at one point in our conversation, he was explaining to me that, actually what The Episcopal Church should have done prior to electing and consecrating me, was that we should have figured all this out theologically and intellectually... We should have come to a common mind, and then passed canons and and then done this thing. And I said to him with as much respect as I could, "Your Grace, it seems to me that all of the great steps that [the Church] has taken, have been as a result of our doing the right thing, and only then, "thinking" our way to what we did. It's not the other way around. I mean, if we had waited for instance in this country for everyone to have been on the same page about civil rights, there would still be separate drinking fountains, wouldn't there? And if we had waited until women were valued as equal and full members of society and the human race, for goodness sakes, all of that discrimination would still exist."

[Photo: Bishop Gene Robinson]. Thanks to The Religious Left for this snippet.

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