Monday, August 06, 2007


Both Save The Children and the British Red Cross have launched appeals for the South Asia flood emergency, which has now claimed 500 lives and displaced 21 million people. Aid is going in, but the situation in many regions (especially Bihar in India) is pretty dire - and governments and multilateral agencies need to be doing much more.

Part of the problem is logistics. The BBC reports: "the UN's World Food Programme has been distributing emergency aid to flood-hit areas. The agency estimated that one million people had been directly affected and some were in need of urgent assistance. In Nepal, many roads in the flooded areas have been cut and bridges have been washed away. It is proving hard for aid agencies and the government to bring help. They have distributed food supplies to some communities, but many people who are still living in damaged mud and thatched homes complain it is not enough." More background on the monsoon can be found here, and accompanying this post is a map of the impacted region

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