Friday, December 26, 2008


A short Christmastide reflection on the God who defies our expectations of 'godness' in the vulnerability of the Christ child.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A very happy Christmas to one and all. I hope I'll be able to get up to speed with FaithInSociety by the New Year. In the meantime, here's an Advent/Christmastide reflection ('Which Jesus are we expecting?') and an excerpt from a poem...

"In the days of Caesar, when his subjects went to be reckoned,
there was a poem made, too dark for him (naive with power) to read.
It was a bunch of shepherds who discovered
in Bethlehem of Judah, the great music beyond reason and reckoning:
shepherds, the sort of folk who leave the ninety-nine behind
so as to bring the stray back home, they heard it clear..."

From 'In the Days of Caesar', The Poems of Rowan Williams (The Perpetua Press, Oxford, 2002)