Sunday, September 11, 2005


I should have mentioned some time ago that Richard Skinner (a writer, poet, performer, comedian and counsellor - who also happens to attend my church in Exeter, St Stephen's) has recently produced a fine new collection of verse. Invocations: Calling on the God in All (ISBN 1901557936, £5.99) is published by Wild Goose, the associate publishers of the Iona Community in Scotland.

In the tradition of liturgical chants such as the ‘Advent Antiphons’, Richard Skinner has created invocations inspired by creatures, conditions and objects in the world around us which reflect and are a metaphor for aspects of God or the Divine. Although the author comes from a Christian background and is most at home with the iconography and language of Christianity, these invocations, which incorporate symbolism from creation, science, technology and human psychology, and point to the God in all things, will resonate with individuals and groups of any or no particular religious or spiritual allegiance.

An excerpt from the book is viewable in *.PDF format here.

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