Monday, November 21, 2005


I've been meaning to write for several days on the further escalation of conflict around the anti-gay 'global South' Anglican Primates' letter to embattled Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and its implications - since I've been party to some conversations around this, and it is of much wider significance for Christians (not just Anglican ones) on how we handle our scripture and tradition, church polity and the sexuality debate -- more like a war, sadly. As someone painfully observed to me, "how these Christians hate one another... It's not supposed to be like that, is it? Didn't y'man Jesus have something to say about this, and precisely nothing about homosexuality?" Enough said.

If you haven't been following the latest sorry saga, it is mapped out in the following Ekklesia stories - we hope in a way that is fuller and a little fairer than many of the media reports now circulating... which have upped an already angst-ridden ante. Thinking Anglicans is tracking the range of current source materials on the story. I'll say more when I get a mo.

Anyway, here goes on the historiography (latest piece first): Pro-gay Anglicans say Nigerian Church 'obsessed' with gays 21/11/05; Bishop's name removed from disputed letter to Archbishop of Canterbury 21/11/05; Akinola denies rift over Primates' letter to Williams 21/11/05; Primates disown open letter to Archbishop of Canterbury 18/11/05; Global leaders query Church of England state link 18/11/05; Anglican Primates deny attack on Archbishop of Canterbury 18/11/05; Rowan Williams calls for active dialogue over gay conflict 17/11/05.

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