Monday, November 28, 2005


The 'silent tsunami' is how HIV/AIDS is increasingly referred to across Asia, with some 20 mllion people likely to be affected within the next five years. If you are still looking for resources for World AIDS Day 2005 (which is on Thursday 1 December), Christian Aid - the UK-based international churches' development agency - has produced a very good pack called 'Acts of Faith', which is available free online here as a *.PDF file). You might think of making a donation in return. As well as stories from across Asia, there are prayers from a number of religious traditions and biblical reflections, plus information about practical projects. Also worth knowing about is the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt in the USA (see picture), which has been emulated across the world. Some churches in the UK, for example, have done their own quilting for 'The Body of Christ has AIDS' displays.

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