Thursday, October 05, 2006


A poem by Georgene L. Wilson

It took an indulgence of insights
And a mess of memorable moments
To grind the life-lens
That granted gazing wisdom
To Francis of Assisi's deep heart.
Once he perceived the epiphany of
"All is God"
He became the perfect mirror image of
"All is Good":
Grace grown glowing in simple grandeur!Francis disrobed himself of
Fame, fortune, and facade.
He donned habits of
'No-holding' yet All Embracing'.
He sang blessings on the creature and the Creator.
Self-empting was filled with the trusting abundance of Holy Poverty.
Perfect joy issued celebrative chants of Goodness.
Pardon and forgiveness bore the fruit of reconciling Peace.
Still now he is missioned:
To shine as light in darkness,
To breathe hope in despair,
To fathom freedom in fear, and
To channel unity in diversity
Through you and me,
As instruments of peace and goodness.
This way of seeing life is deep love:
Incarnating grace,
Engaging compassion, and
Dialoging harmony,
Is a simple spiritual practice.
Bless with beauty, truth and goodness!
Offer a heart of praise and affirmation

Georgene L. Wilson is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister. She is poetry editor of Interreligious Insight (found in IRI V2 N3 July 2004). The (c) of 'Francis: Troubador of Goodness' is the writer's. Its insights are gifted to us all. I share it in that spirit. Many thanks indeed to Peter Challen for passing it on to me and to others.

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