Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I see that a network within the Methodist Church in Great Britain has launched a new weblog aimed at providing a general discussion forum for people interested in the connections and interaction between Christianity and culture. It's called Interface, and contains sections on arts/entertainment, the environment, politics, religion, science/medicine and social issues. Nothing too notable or in-depth on there at the moment; but it looks accessible and is, as yet, in its online infancy. They are seeking more female commentators, especially. Web punditry seems to be a bit of a 'guy thing', and as yet (sadly) women hold up much less than half the cyber-sky. Or maybe it isn't sad at all, just sane {cough}. There's currently an on-site poll on whether 'virtual churches', like St Pixels, are valid alternatives to actual church communities. I wouldn't mind betting that the responses to that question are gendered in a particular way, too...

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