Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Given the extraordinarily negative and depressing reaction of many Christian groups to the UK government's incoming Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) on goods, services and facilities, it is heartening that at least one significant service agency (and an evangelical one, to boot) has called time on this nonsense in no uncertain terms. I don't agree with FaithWorks on everything, but this is a bold and necessary statement. Good on them. In other respects, the churches are sadly gaining a reputation not for a liberating Gospel, but for a message which requires fear, prejudice and discrimination to sanction it. More strong but temperate voices to the contrary are needed. Incidentally, the legislation that outlaws discrimination in the public realm against lesbian and gay peope does the same for members of religious, ethnic and other groups. See also: Faith groups are misrepresenting sexual equality rules, say critics 09/01/07, and my colleague Jonathan Bartley's probing of the emerging 'persecution complex' among some Christian groups at the end of Christendom. Christian Today, who otherwise have given solid backing to the nay-sayers, have (happily) reproduced Malcolm Duncan's excellent 'open letter', which is to be found in its orginal form here.

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