Tuesday, January 23, 2007


On The Guardian Coment-is-Free: A household solution. Simon Barrow, Jan 23 07, 08:30am: Big Brother has shown us the banality of evil, but what about the domesticity of good? {Pic: Shilpa Shetty}. Further links to the reality TV racism media bruhaha-of-the-moment are in the article.

"What we haven't seen in Celebrity Big Brother, any more than in the rest of society, is people who are able to mediate conflict - better, transform it. Such skills exist. But they are low-key, require patient commitment in the face of provocation, and remain hugely under-resourced.

Conflict transformation isn't about imposing solutions by fiat or force. It involves developing human relationships beyond the place where insecurity translates into outwardly directed aggression, reshaping it instead towards personally resourced (but also deeply social and political) change. More. {This piece was selected as an 'editor's pick' today}

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