Thursday, June 19, 2008


.... is the name of the column I've been doing for the monthly Third Way magazine ("Christian comment on culture') for a little over a year now. I've tended to amplify these, often incorporating some element of theological reflection, for Ekklesia -- as part of my regular op ed pieces there. But now, I'm pleased to say, the revamped and upgraded Third Way, published since 1977 and inspired by a quotation from cultural critic and theologian Os Guinness (rather than any affiliation with the Blairite term coined by Anthony Giddens and others associate with the London School of Economics) has a new website. My July 2008 column, Is it me, or has everyone gone ‘leadership potty’ lately? is now online. The Ekklesia version (pretty much unchanged in this particular instance) is here. This issue of TW will also be going out free to all Church Times subscribers next weekend, I gather. Should get it some attention.

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