Sunday, May 15, 2005


...or, rather, hearing what the Spirit might be saying to the churches and movements in Christian mission, has been the task of 'listeners' at the WCC thirteenth Conference on World Mission and Evangelism meeting in Athens, 9-16 May 2005.

As well as being an ecumenically delegated participant, and reporting for Ekklesia, I have been privileged to be part of that process.

Here we are, giving some brief input at the final conference plenary. The snapshots given (you can view the webcast here) were not intended to be representative, but to give a flavour of the variety of perspectives we will be offering.

More detailed, written responses are being produced by the end of May. Some of these will be published in the International Review of Mission, others as part of the reporting process from CWME.

You can see what I have been reporting back through the media here.

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Johan Maurer said...

Simon: Thanks for this good coverage. I dropped in for a minute and have spent most of an hour ranging around your site and its links. I would have loved to attend the event, but visiting all these little corners was almost as good.