Monday, March 05, 2007


In case you wondered where I've disappeared to, there's been something of a hiatus on FaithInSociety while I reflect on the future of ths weblog in the light of develoipments on my main project, Ekklesia - which, at the beginning of this month, launched a completely new and redeveloped site. This is thanks in no small part to my amazing colleague Jonathan Bartley and to the formidable Joe Baker at Anyway, we have an opportunity on the transformed Ekklesia to run our own blogs, to link others, and to syndicate more. FinS is currently being run through an aggregator down the right-hand column of Ekklesia blogs, which is still in development. There are problems with this, as you will see -- namely the fact that the header formatting gets in the way. Which is why I have started to abandon it from this post, together with the rather arcane numbering system I adopted back in 2003. Also, I'm not sure how and whether the aggregator, which also picks up the Ekklesia MySpace blog [illustrated], needs prompting. - and, if so, how.

All of which is probably of little interest to you, dear reader -- except to say that it probably makes most sense to roll this venture into my Ekklesia blog. So that's the plan. But, as with many plans executed by the willing but not necessarily able, I'm not quite sure whether and how it will work. So I shall keep FinS alive in the meantime, not least while I figure out what to do with the archives. I will, as they say, keep you posted.

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