Monday, October 08, 2007


I decided to expand my comments about the practice of fasting (yesterday) a little in my Guardian Comment-is-Free column - and join in myself today.

Hunger for justice Simon Barrow Oct 08 07, 02:30pm: Americans are today fasting for peace in Iraq. But is it possible for such actions to really make a difference?

In a voraciously consumer society, where luxuries rather than necessities are the preoccupation of a majority, fasting also has a certain political poignancy. When the quest to possess and devour more and more takes over, our personal and social priorities are fundamentally altered. Instead, fasting points us in the direction of sharing and the otherwise unimaginable politics of "
enough ".

What people are learning through hungering for justice is that trying to come up with policies for a better world is not enough. We need changed people to want them and to make them work. That involves re-shaping our desires, not just our political hopes.

Pic: Witness for Peace, Mexico

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Anonymous said...

Good piece... but to judge from the moronic comments CIF readers have left, you're casting your pearls before swine. I expect you'd be too nice to put it that way, but its true.