Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was due to hear and meet Richard Dawkins tonight, as he is involved in a debate in Oxford (with the silly title of "Has science buried God?"). Unfortunately, other urgent issues have intervened. Anyway, as it happens, his 'Atheist bus project" has just been launched. Well, sort of. They have the wheels, but the bus and its slogan (“There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”) are still in the garage, pending enough fuel to get out on the road in January 2009. It's a curious business, as the Methodists have observed. Apart from my Ekklesia comments, I have done an article for Guardian Comment-is-Free on Atheist evangelising?

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Yewtree said...

Well, I donated a fiver to the adverts... not so much because I support the dawkins bandwagon, but because I dislike the adverts for the Alpha course and the ones with John 3:16 on them. And because I don't believe in a supernatural creator, but rather the divine-ness of the universe.

I agree with your article, though - maybe we should start another bus advert campaign for freedom of religion and thought? Maybe using some quotes from Gerard Manley Hopkins.