Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Here's a short reflection on Adrian Pabst's recent article about the collapse of free-market fundamentalism and the challenge to communities of faith arising from engagement with economic alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Did you really use the phrase 'Christendom economics'? I think I know what you're driving at (basically what you seem to always be driving at!), but are you sure it actually is a meaningful category?

Simon Barrow said...

I mean the economics shaped by the church's institutional determination within dominant systems, in contrast to the oikonomia of grace it is invited towards. These are issues which have been addressed in terms of practical theology by Anabaptists globally (looking at how they re-do their economy of churches) and within the long ecumenical conversation on the sharing of resources. See 'Christianity and the culture of economics' -

Simon Barrow said...

Here's a better link to the book I mentioned: