Thursday, April 09, 2009


How gratifying to discover that Ben Myers, who maintains the fine Faith and Theology blog ("for theological scholarship and contemporary theological reflection") has developed an affection for the dissenting Episcopal theologian William Stringfellow (pictured left), who died some 25 years ago... but whose insistent critique of injustice, bold commitment to Christian discipleship and iconoclastic vision continues to resonate when it is given a hearing. Ben's full stock of Stringellow posts may be explored here. (There are a couple on here, as well, relating to the book I'm about to mention again...)

In 2000 I was involved in a conference in Oxford celebrating and examining his life and work. There were some fine speakers, and Rowan Williams gave a good address at the end. His contribution is included in a volume that I also have an essay in: William Stringfellow in Anglo-American Perspective, ed. Anthony Dancer (Ashgate 2005). Ben cites a bit of it. Unfortunately, as with other academic-oriented titles that could actually find a wider audience, it is only available in hardback and for £45. Libraries and aficionados only, effectively. When I met Rowan at a reception a year ago he said that his name could be mentioned in relation to a proposal for a paperback. But I've lost touch with Tony, the editor. One for the (rather long!) 'to do' list.


Jane said...

I have come to Stringfellow thanks to Myers and not being a serious theologian I hadn't come across his work before so I'm glad I can turn to you for further insight on him.
Thanks for this and good to see you back on the blog. Btw I have been shamelessly using some of your quotes to help with an ecumenical learning session I was leading this week. In the end I called it a make do and mend ecumenical spirituality but I was trying to encourage some reflection on a spirituality of resistance.

Simon Barrow said...

I like "make do and mend spirituality". :) Great to hear from you. Hi to Stephen, too, and from Carla. Yup, I haven't been around these parts much lately... x

Douglas Hynd said...

Great to see attention being given to Stringfellow.

Anthony Dancer the editor you mention last time I heard was somewhere in New Zealand.