Thursday, November 04, 2010


“If religion is characterised by the recruitment of God to serve our agendas, and faith is about putting our agendas at the service of God, then clearly there is too much religion in the world, and not enough faith.” – Bishop John Saxbee.

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Dan Stork Banks said...

I wonder if the problem of Constantine dominance theology was because at some point the understanding of the gospel was lost. To understand the gospel (the good news) we need to understand its context – i.e. that the Jews were in their own land but under pagan rule. In spiritual exile, they longed for the salvation of YHWH’s messiah to deliver them from their oppressors, and demonstrate that he alone was Lord. The gospel was good news precisely because it met the needs of ancient Israel. Jesus proclaimed the long awaited coming of God’s Kingdom, the end of exile, and the return of YHWH to Zion. How this Gospel could ever be equated with Christianity now being the oppressive force is beyond me!! Rather it should still be a challenge of liberation to the powers even today, and to the church not to take up the sword and dominate their will through religiously justified state sanctions. Losing the gospel so early on in our history has lead to many terrible crimes. Its now time to reclaim it.

Dan Stork Banks