Monday, October 10, 2005


The fine UK-based Asian news blog Pickled Politics is a good hub of news and comment on the unfolding tragedy in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. The BBC has in-depth background, of course. Unofficial estimates now say that 40,000 people are likely to have died. With sad predictability, US 'theocrat' Pat Robertson (of Chavez assassination recent fame) has leapt in on the act. The amount of non-sense out there on God and disaster is monumental at the moment. I'm about to update and substantially revise my Is God a disaster area? piece for Ekklesia.

[Donations can be made directly to Christian Aid for Kashmiri earthquake relief and regular contributions are welcome to its emergencies and disasters fund. Tearfund donations can be made here. See Catholic Fund for Overseas Development on Asian tsunami rebuilding.]

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