Thursday, October 20, 2005


Given the endless stream of conflict-related headlines in the daily news, it is perhaps surprising (and hopeful) to discover that, statistically, war and violence is actually decreasing worldwide. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by the Human Security Center at the University of British Columbia. Says its CEO, Andrew Mack: "We knew the number of wars was coming down...but particularly surprising is how the decline in wars is reflected right across the board in all forms of political conflict and violence." The Centre credits greatly increased efforts in conflict prevention and peacebuilding through United Nations missions and government-based 'contact groups.' The report is available online at Thanks to SojoNet for the link.

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Kevin said...

It is great news. I am not a Marxist, but I respect a lot of the underlying ideas behind Marxism and the rebellions by Che and what not, but I wonder if the decrease in war is a bit skewed. I ask because in this century war has come from many struggles of independence and revolt. That has decreased considerably because many of the Marxist champions have either been assassinated by Western governments or because some corrupt political leaders in Africa and Asia and Latin America have been run out. There is still a struggle against the white man (of which I'm one) but it is not as much a struggle for freedom anymore and thus liberation is no longer at the front of the oppressed's minds as it once was. Just some quick, unthought-out reflections in the moment. Thanks for the post. I enjoy reading your blog very much.