Monday, February 14, 2005


I take it that Chuck Wineguard (see yesterday) is probably no relation of John Wijngaards, the courageous ex-Catholic priest (that's ex-priest, not ex-Catholic) who felt called to give up his ordination vows in order to throw his lot in more fully with women who are having theirs denied. He has established, which has some claim to being the largest international website on the ordination of women. Though a kind of Mennonite-Anglican, I'm a member, along with my wife Carla J. Roth, of Catholic Womens Ordination. And, happily, so are our next-door-neighbours. (CWO, when spelt out, feels like it definitely should have an apostrophe in there, but I can see why they feel possessiveness is inappropriate...) But I digress. It was on Wijngaards' site that I was reminded of a fine article from 1995 by Nicholas Lash, On Not Inventing Doctrine, which is an able riposte to the so-called traditionalists. I mention it mainly because of yesterday's Lashings. And there's going to be another dose tomorrow, I warn you.

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