Tuesday, February 15, 2005


It would take a little time to sum up the ministry of my good friend Henry Morgan. He is, to put it briefly and inadequately, an Anglican priest who works as a spiritual director and animator independent of parish responsibilities. He also has a deep affection for the creative arts, writing, thinking, praying and befriending. And his work is both accessible and supportable through The Annunciation Trust, which was formed in 1993. It offers one-to-one spiritual direction, training days, spiritual direction consultations, holistic massage, quiet days and retreats. I should have linked it and said something about it before.

Henry recently asked me about the paper by David Hay and Kate Hunt, formerly of the University of Nottingham, on The Spirituality of People Who Don't Go To Church. We've been hosting this on the CCOM site for some time now. This link is to a Word Document. No doubt Annunciation Trust will link it soon too.... perhaps when I email to tell him!

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