Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It is a sad reality that some of the greatest platitudes come out of the mouths of enthusiastic believers, while it is the sceptics who (more encouragingly) get closer to theological wisdom. Correspondingly, the crisis of Christendom - an ecclesial domination system whose interests have often obscured the gospel - has been well understood by a thoughtful minority from Kierkegaard onwards. But not usually by those most enmeshed in church polity. Combining those two thoughts, here is the late English composer Sir Michael Tippett (of whose music and passionate free-flowing artistic humanism I am a devotee), hitting the nail on the head. From among his disparate writings collected in The Age of Aquarius, I believe. Though it might have been Music of the Angels.

"I have .. not the slightest idea where healing will come [from] because the moment of complete dereliction for the Christian civilization has probably not been reached and so the moment of God's voice from the whirlwind has not come. Though perhaps the whirlwind has come! And that is the only kernel of truth I see - that God will be found in the refuse bin as of old - the stone that has been thrown away."

I know I have quoted that before, but it keeps coming back to me with great force. Incidentally, my recently revived and rather eclectic music blog is here. Something to keep life balanced and connected - music, that is. Not necessarily blogging ;)

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