Saturday, August 11, 2007


The campaign to get practical recognition of the vulnerability of Iraqi translators is having an impact. Now there's an entertaining and poignant campaign video (below), as well as the petition on the government's website - which is continuing beyond its assigned date. "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to offer asylum in the UK to the Iraqis who have been working as translators and in other capacities for the UK armed forces."

The code for including this clip on your own site via a more modest button is linked in this bloggerheads post. Sunny Hundal notes: "The Guardian is reporting today that in a case earlier this year the Home Office made special considerations for an Iraqi translator, and this precedence may have an impact on this campaign. There is no doubt now that this issue has ratcheted up the media agenda and the government may be forced to take action. Through gritted teeth, even Guido admits it." (Hat tip: Pickled Politics, again.)

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