Friday, August 03, 2007


The BBC reports that almost 20 million people have been displaced as some of the worst floods for years have hit a wide swathe of northern India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Roads have been washed away and hundreds of villages have been cut off by swollen rivers. NGOs and development agencies are acting swiftly. Donations can be made via Christian Aid, which operates with secular, multifaith and church partners - and promotes relief and development irrespective of creed.

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Bob Churchill said...

Did you see the 9 o'clock news coverage of the floods on the main BBC1 news though?

I was watching with a friend and we both immediately scoffed as the story came to an end. The report was literally about 30 seconds long, it had clearly been cut short, and there was something about it that made it seem like such a token gesture... "20 million people moved. 120 dead. Dozens of towns and villages destroyed. Floods. It's bad..." And then they cut straight to the US and did about 10 minutes on the collapsed bridge! And it was only the third or fourth billing, too.