Wednesday, January 09, 2008


"Gradually, the deep ambiguity of human life was turned from a burdensome into a freeing mystery. Freed from my energetic desire to constantly 'get it' and 'keep it together,' I could genuinely allow God to work in and through my abjections, not to make them better or neaten them up, but to allow me to be more compassionate, to judge others less, to serve them better."- Wendy M. Wright

Incidentally, a hugely formative book for me was (is) Ruth Page's Ambiguity and the Presence of God (SCM Press, 1985 - out of print, but available second-hand on the web). It's a philosophically tough and humanly tender exploration of the meaning and affection of God in relation to a frail and diverse world, facing the limitations of inherited metaphysics and the promise of "narrative description" as a way forward in sustainable God-talk.

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