Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The decidedly weird scenario of a British government minister setting up a think-tank which ends up primarily as a conduit for money going to a political campaign (the deputy leadership of the Labour Party) has led the BBC to ask what, exactly, a think-tank is these days. A good question, and one that I have an obvious investment in: see my Learning To Think Without Tanks. Naturally I am happy that Ekklesia got a mench in the Beeb's overview. The comment from political commentator Anthony Howard, a former editor of The News Statesman in the 'old days', was especially prescient: It's rather like in medieval times when you would have set up a monastery," he observed. "Now you set up a think-tank." That would explain why I spend so much time in a darkened room, hunched over tomes of wisdom and a flickering screen, then.

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