Friday, February 29, 2008


Last night there was a curious BBC TV discussion about tabloid newspaper attempts to revive a debate over the death penalty - a practice which, thankfully, is outlawed by the European Union. One of the protagonists is someone I have crossed verbally on a previous occasion. On my work blog ('Christian' societies and the death penalty) I recalled: "I had an interesting encounter with John Gaunt on TalkSport Radio a year ago. Well, I say encounter. Mainly it was being shouted at by the self-appointed megaphone of People's Democracy. Not surprisingly, he was none-too-keen on Ekklesia's idea that cultivating non-violent alternatives was a legitimate part of remembering the victims of war. 'Go hang', he said. Or words to that effect. Then he pressed a switch and cut me off. Dead." [Image: Salvador Dali from the Washington Post archive, believe it or not. Looking very drive-time]

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