Monday, July 27, 2009


"In today’s world, poverty and humility should be a thorn in the side of secular society and the church, a dangerous recollection of Jesus and a threat to the status quo of church institutions." - Karl Rahner (hat-tip to Roy Dorey)

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Jane said...

Thanks for this Simon. It made me think of Pauline Webb (Of World Wide Webb fame)
At the WCC assembly in Harare 1998 (and even then the WCC should NOT imho have been meeting there) there was an event to celebrate the Programme to Combat Racism (PCR) at which Pauline Webb spoke - I wasn't there I hasten to add this event was reported to me by someone else.
At that event Pauline reportedly said that the PCR was now celebrated as the jewel in the crown of the WCC's witness but for so many, many years it was seen as the the thorn in the flesh - by many of its member churches. So many of the churches which claim today to have been part of that struggle forget just how much they themselves had to struggle with the thorn in the flesh of prophetic action against apartheid - and how they opposed it. So much for truth.

So what are the thorns in the flesh of today's church?? Will we later be claiming them as jewels in our crown? only if we win (as Mandela after so, so many deacades did) or also if we never win?

These are thoughts offered after half a bottle of Sauvignon, Cotes de Duras on a glorious summer evening in Ferney.

Take care - J
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