Monday, October 12, 2009


As a friend remarked not so long ago, I've been rather "blog-lite" recently, other needs and priorities having interrupted the flow. However, I'm prompted back into action by a slight pang of guilt at being described as a "regular" blogger in a biographical note that appears in the programme for the conference I'm attending at the moment - 'Religion in the News' at Cumberland Lodge (pictured). Guilt is not a good spur for this particular medium, however. There's already too much pathology in cyberspace. "Be there for a positive reason or be somewhere else" would be my watchword. And as it happens I'm running a workshop/seminar this afternoon on the 'new media'. About which (and this gathering), more anon.

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Jane said...

Conference sounds interesting, glad you are back on the blog, have missed reading you.
Will send you some of our news by email - currently writing from an internet cafe on Crete!