Saturday, September 29, 2007


The question about whether there is dissent or the possibility of mutiny was briefly mentioned during a BBC Radio 4 Profile expert analysis of the situation in Burma a few minutes ago (19.15 GMT). The programme is hosted by Evan Williams. A regional commentator said that there are some in the military who fear vengeance from within and without if the continue on the same path. But it is difficult to assess the extent of such feeling or its possible impact on the current situation. Overall the programme left one under no illusion about the extent of the regime's determination to maintain its grip on the arms, the money and the power, portraying a junta fatally out of touch with the world, the interests of the country - and therefore tone deaf to international resonances. It wasn't an encouraging picture. But the scale of resistance and its network of global support is also stronger than ever before. Meanwhile, there's a good article on Guardian Comment-is-Free (with less stupid than usual responses to it, as well) entitled Burma's true leaders [September 29, 2007 12:00 AM] The monks have bravely filled the vacuum created by the decapitation of the opposition movement. It's by Aung Zaw, a Burmese exile, is the editor of the Thailand-based Irrawaddy magazine.

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