Friday, September 07, 2007


This piece [below] will only appear on the Ekklesia front page for a short while, as it is really designed for the immediately upcoming issue of Third Way. I curate my TW articles here, usually a while after they have appeared in print form. But because of the topicality issue, I need to run concurrently on this one. At least it should prove that (astonishing) accusations that I'm Nu Labour as a result of my Guardian piece on Gordon Brown's dual messages are pretty far off the mark. Gosh, today is a bumper day, huh? And there's another Guardian article due at midday, responding to the 'moral decline' BBC opinion survey. Anyway, here it is:

Moving towards post-democracy? There is a growing disconnect with the aspirations of people whose concerns are not adequately mapped by the narrow economic, political and social assumptions of the main political parties, says Simon Barrow. Are we moving into a form of post-democracy?

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