Monday, December 31, 2007


...but politics is not everything - as the Dutch theologian H. M. (Harry) Kuitert importantly argued in his book of the same name (published by SCM in Britain and Eerdmans in the USA in 1986-7. His Jesus: The Legacy of Christianity is another book worth reading). Indeed the danger, as Charles Peguy observed, is that the essential mystique at the heart of communal and inter-personal life gets reduced to an enervating kind of politique perpetuated by self-serving institutions (not least the church, which was his major concern). To flourish, the polis as well as the human spirit needs much more. That's roughly the concern of my column Seeking political hope beyond money and influence (Ekklesia), which started life as this month's Third Way Westminster comment column. But to be true to my word, I've made my last Guardian Comment-is-Free piece of the year about the glories and woes of football rather than either, heaven spare us, politics or religion. See: A dystopian league of its own December 31, 2007 2:30 PM.

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