Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Warm wishes for Christmas to all readers of this blog, especially those who would reasonably have been expecting a card or personal greeting and haven't got one - for which, apologies. There are many issues to comment on at the moment - Tony Blair's reception into the Catholic Church, the ludicrous fuss over Rowan Williams' innocuous comments about the birth narratives in the Gospels, the plight of Bethlehem and much more. But like people, I've been caught out by the impending holiday, and as usual I haven't managed to get everything I planned to do finished. The world will cope, I'm sure. I did manage to write a piece for my Guardian Comment-is-Free column called 'Literally Speaking', reflecting on the way in which the biblical message is missed both by those who trap it in religious ideology, and by those who assume that it has nothing useful to say to the human condition - in both instances because they are looking for the kind of certainty signified by "literalism". It should be up on the Guardian CIF site sometime after 10.30am on Christmas Day, following on from my Advent reflection, Christ is an unwanted gift for the religious. [Pic: Van Eyck's Nativity, courtesy and (c) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York]

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