Saturday, December 01, 2007


Today (Saturday 1 December) is World AIDS Day. The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance in Geneva, a global partnership involving major development and church agencies, including several in the UK, is encouraging people of all faiths and none to take individual and collective responsibility for combatting HIV/AIDS.

The Alliance's HIV and AIDS campaign "is based on the knowledge that all churches are living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. People who live with HIV and die with AIDS are our friends and family, our teachers and neighbours, our pastors and priests. The pandemic continues to be measured in alarming statistics around the globe, and churches and people of faith everywhere must take up their pastoral and prophetic role to overcome stigma and discrimination, to care for body and spirit, and to advocate for universal treatment and effective forms of prevention."

The campaign Keep the Promise holds individuals, religious leaders, faith organizations, governments and intergovernmental organizations accountable for the commitments they have made and advocates for further efforts and resources to fight HIV and AIDS. Among its major backers is Desmond Tutu.

The picture is by my friend Stephen Brown - (c) photographer and the WCC - and records World AIDS Day remembrance at the Ecumenical centre in Geneva.

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