Friday, May 02, 2008


Who knows what PM Gordon Brown's confidants [See my Brown keeps politics in the family, Ekklesia, 1 May 08] will be saying this morning, following a truly appalling set of local government results across England and Wales. He'll be hanging on to see if Boris Johnson can cross the line in his clown costume at County Hall this evening, in order to confirm it was all a bad dream, I suppose. Meanwhile, the BBC's election night TV coverage was a comedy of errors and embarrassment for everyone concerned.

What was worse, I wonder. The silly 'Stalin or Mr Bean?' schtick for the PM (which even high profile Tory blogger Ian Dale told them probably crossed the line of political comment), the childish 'Wild West' set (with presenter Jeremy Vine operating in a complete dignity vacuum, apparently!), or the bafflingly inane "homo electus" theme (pictured)? It was so insulting to the intelligence, it beggared belief. And without even the redeeming feature of being remotely funny or witty. Ed Pearce (terrible photo, nice guy) sums it up perfectly.

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