Friday, May 30, 2008


Surely bemoaning that society does not pay sufficient attention to church leaders and fails to implement their preferred policies or treat their ethics with respect misses the point - which is that it is the church's job to nurture disciples who might lead people to suspect that the Gospel offers something rather more significant than consolation to an in-group and a stiff telling off to everyone else? Aside from my concerns about the dangerously reactionary implications of 'Christian nation' rhetoric, that is my main theological objection to Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's attempt to shake us back into restoring the civic religious mould.

Blinkered bishop Simon Barrow Guardian Comment-is-Free May 30 08, 09:00am: Michael Nazir-Ali has the wrong target. Rather than expecting the nation to be Christian for him, he should urge churches to practice what they preach.

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