Wednesday, May 14, 2008


One of the abiding memories from my time at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland was a visit to China at the end of 2004, which I reported on here. The work done by Caroline Fielder, Edmond Tang and others in sustaining and developing church relations, encouraging exchange, supporting theological education and promoting China concerns and understanding - on very slender resources - is one of the greatly important but largely untold stories of recent ecumenical endeavour in these islands.

The response of Chinese churches and NGOs is noted briefly here. Caroline adds: "We are sure that you are all as horrified as we are to see the situation in Sichuan unfold. We have spoken [to or] been in contact with all the Amity teachers [we know]. Those in Gansu had some effects from the earthquake, those in Guangxi also but less severe; all are safe."

Humanitarian support is possible through the Protestant-backed Amity, and also through the Catholic Jinde charities. I don't propose to publish the bank account details on the web, but if you want to make a direct contribution (in US dollars or Chinese RMB ), drop me a note and I will pass them on to people I know or who provide credible contact details.

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