Monday, June 09, 2008


If there's going to be disagreement, it's good to figure out where, why and how it arises. But when it comes to religion and public life, there is more frequently unhelpful confusion. Here is Francis Davis, one of the authors of Moral, But No Compass (now being styled as the 'lead author') writing about it in the Jesuit online journal, Thinking Faith - 'A challenge to every politician'. On the other hand, Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association is decidely less than impressed.

[This article on Ekklesia continued here - updated 9 June 08].

I have further articles on the Von Hugel report due this week on The Guardian's Comment is Free and in the Express and Echo (which today published an article about a recent Exeter meeting on faith and politics that made it looks as if I am an uncritical approver of government schmoozing with the churches and vice versa. I asked for a column to clarify my view.)

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