Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have revised and slightly extended my short Ekklesia article, A wonky church and welfare debate. There will be more appearing on Wardman Wire tomorrow and my Guardian CIF piece is due sometime this evening. There's a short round up here, and an angular response from the Zaccheus 2000 Trust. Meantime, it would be good if some more of the people weighing in actually read Moral, But No Compass. But the lack of an e-edition is hampering that.

'[A]side from its rather sensationalist introduction in the media, the Von Hugel Institute's report is a substantial contribution to the debate, and provides plenty of fresh evidential material. Hopefully the rush to judgement which is so common in public life these days will not obscure the important detail and the full depth of the wider picture it seeks to present - whether we agree with its conclusions and emphases, or not."

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