Sunday, April 16, 2006

[09.50 GMT] Clarification sought from army chief on false Kember snub allegation (Ekklesia, UK). The BBC (General 'wrong over Kember snub') and The Observer newspaper are running with this story - namely the request for a corrcetion from the army. But others are reporting it inaccurately. Ekklesia’s Jonathan Bartley added this morning: “What we are suggesting is that it would be helpful and honourable for the army to acknowledge that Christian Peacemaker Teams did indeed express thanks to the soldiers who freed Norman and his colleagues [from captivity in Iraq on 23 March 2006] as soon as they could. We are not asking General Sir Mike Jackson to apologise, but simply to put the record straight.” Some news outlets have incorrectly reported the request for clarification as a “demand for an apology” to Kember. It's not Ekklesia's business to ask for the latter, and we haven't. That's not to say it wouldn't be an appropriate gesture. Incidentally, the BBC story has led to some offensive emails coming to Ekklesia. A small example of what the Kember family have been on the receiving end of - though, thankfully, the abuse has been outweighed considerably by the love and support of many. [Updated 2pm, Easter Sunday - very Happy Easter to all!]

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