Thursday, April 06, 2006

[19.34 GMT] Christian Peacemaker Teams - Where next? By Peggy Gish (Ekklesia, UK).
See also the launch of the Peacenik internet service provider, which among other things will be supporting the work of CPT based in the UK. Welcoming the initiative Tim Nafziger of Christian Peacemaker Teams in the UK said; “The Peacenik fund could be a important source of support for Christian Peacemaker Team members who need help to cover travel costs to CPT projects around the world.” The ISP will be run on a not-for-profit basis. The proceeds will be put into a fund to which peace groups are invited to make applications, regardless of their religious beliefs. This will leave the way open for, amongst others, Muslim Peacemaker Teams, which Christian peacemakers have helped to establish in Iraq, to apply for funding. Those of no faith will also be invited to seek funding. The thinktank Ekklesia has already donated £1,000 to get the fund going, but hopes that it will generate significant resources for the peace movement. The thintank already has a track record of generating significant funding using the internet. Last year the thinktank raised £130,000 for development work through its own web site. The money raised by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is expected to fund a range of projects including peacemaking trips to conflict zones, training for Christian peacemakers, and research into non-violent alternatives to conflict.

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