Friday, April 28, 2006


One of the three Christian Peacemaker Teams hostages in Iraq, freed last month, Jim Loney (right) has given an interview in which he speaks candidly about how the men survived captivity, their daily spiritual routine, and the plans and possibilities of escape which constantly plagued his mind - and produced conflicting feelings about what was right and appropriate in a situation they felt they might not get out of alive. See: Hostage struggled with desire to escape, yet remain nonviolent during ordeal. By Robert Rhodes, Mennonite Weekly Review, USA.

"Loney — a Roman Catholic who helped found Toronto’s Catholic Worker community — said the first chance to escape came on the fourth day of their ordeal, about the time their kidnapping was made public and the first video showing the four appeared on Aljazeera. The CPTers had been left handcuffed individually, their hands in front of them, with only two guards in the upscale Baghdad house where they were being held. One of the guards was in a narrow courtyard, where he was busy drawing kerosene from a tank. The other was in the courtyard door, with his back turned.

"Loney thought if he could shove the guard out, then bolt the door, he and the others might have enough time to make a run for it. "I was debating, ‘Should I do it?’ ” Loney said in his first interview since being rescued. “But I was worried about the lock not sliding shut”." [Picture: Jim Loney, right, with fellow captive Harmeet Singh Sooden. (c) CPT]

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