Wednesday, April 19, 2006

[22.07 GMT] Make peace not war (Good News, UK) - The UK think-tank which has challenged the head of the British army to acknowledge he was wrong to imply that Christian peacemaker Norman Kember snubbed the soldiers who freed him in Iraq has said that there can be no military solution to the country's violence – and that civilians with expertise in conflict resolution techniques can play a vital role in transforming the situation. Also: Cry freedom By Georgina Pattinson (BBC News, UK); Thanksgiving vigil tonight for former hostages (Waterloo Record, Canada); Peace, peace By Ted Olsen (Christianity Today, IL, USA) - "Peace has often been defined by the absence of killing. Perhaps Christian peacemaking is more accurately reflected in the presence of dying, or at least in the willingness to do so." Not that this makes the evangelical paper any more sympathetic to CPT. It seems to prefer muscular Christianity backed up by the boys in khaki (just in case Jesus is too namby-pamby). On a brighter note: Tom Fox: An Ordinary Man Who Listened By Pearl Hoover (SojoMail, USA).

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