Saturday, April 15, 2006


Ekklesia have covered this morning's BBC interview with Norman Kember in the following four detailed stories (the latest of which was posted very shortly after broadcast at 9.45am):
Hate mail came after false media charges, says Norman Kember 15/04/06
Kember affirms gratitude for Iraq kidnap freeing 15/04/06
Kember still evaluating Christian peacemaker's role in Iraq 15/04/06
Kember notes irony of non-violent release by soldiers 15/04/06

Some key points: Kember acknowledges as a "mistake" going to an isolated mosque in Baghdad, from which the abduction took place - but testifies to the record of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq; he refutes false allegations of ingratitude and says that they led to "piles of hate mail"; it is revealed that Jim Loney sought to talk a young captor out of becoming a suicide bomber; Kember talks of tour of Baghdad before kidnapping; the interview focusses on his trauma and that of the family.

Other media coverage: Kember weeps over 'unreal' kidnapping (Telegraph, UK); Kember weeps as he tells of rescue (Daily Mail and global newswires); Former Iraq hostage Norman Kember says he considered suicide (Mainichi Daily News, Japan); Kember's emotional account (; Kember speaks about Iraq ordeal (BBC News, UK); Kember refusing to star in own drama (Times Online, UK - Apr 2, 2006).

Listen to the Norman Kember interview on the BBC webcast 'listen again' service.

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